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We'll be focusing on topics in algorithm theory with special emphasis given towards the end of the sessions to currently active areas of algorithms research.

We meet weekly on Tuesdays, from 5 p.m. - 6 p.m. in Lindley Hall, room 101. Spring break week we will not be meeting. See the calendar for details on each meeting (topic, presenter, etc.). The meetings are open to all, please feel free to drop by any time.

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This is our schedule of speakers for Spring 2010 (although it is, like all things in life, subject to change). We still have openings, so if you'd like to speak on a given date, click it to send me an e-mail with details. Thanks!

Date Topic Topic References Presenter
Jan. 12 Singular Value Decomposition
  1. Singular Value Decomposition and Missing Values (abstract)
Prof. Paul Purdom
Jan. 19 Defining BPP and PCP Complexity Classes, pt. 1
  1. PCP - Probabilistically Checkable Proof
  2. BPP - Bounded Error, Probabilistic, Polynomial time
Christopher Cole
Jan. 26 Defining BPP and PCP Complexity Classes, pt. 2 Christopher Cole
Feb. 2 Basic Computational Geometry
  1. Ch. 33: Introduction to Algorithms
Christine Task
Feb. 9 Bayesian Filtering
  1. Ch. 2: Probabilistic Robotics
  2. On sequential Monte Carlo sampling methods for Bayesian filtering
Jeff Johnson
Feb. 16 Complexity of Finding Nash Equilibria Christopher Cole
Feb. 23 Higher Order Complexity Ramyaa Ramyaa
Mar. 2 Particle Filtering
  1. Ch. 4: Probabilistic Robotics
  2. Particle Filters and their Applications
  3. An Implementation
Jeff Johnson
Mar. 9 Probabilistic Roadmap Motion Planning
  1. Path Planning in Expansive Configuration Spaces
  2. Randomized Kinodynamic Motion Planning with Moving Obstacles
  3. On the Probabilistic Foundations of Probabilistic Roadmap Planning
Prof. Kris Hauser
Mar. 23 Minimizing Communication in Linear Algebra
  1. Minimizing Communication in Linear Algebra
Nilesh Narayanrao Mahajan
Mar. 30 Satisfiability Prof. Paul Purdom
Apr. 6 Introduction to Factoring of Integers Prof. Paul Purdom
Apr. 13 Generic Programming Prof. Andrew Lumsdaine
Apr. 20 Algorithms in SAT/SMT Solvers Nilesh Narayanrao Mahajan
Apr. 27 Factoring of Integers Paul Grubbs
May. 4 On expressiveness and in-expressiveness result for query languages
  1. Abstract
Prof. Van Gucht


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